darkest day or finest hour. how to communicate essential information during a business disaster  

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Darkest Day or Finest Hour?
How to communicate essential information during a business disaster

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Picture a debris-strewn field. The injured struggle as news media begins to storm the area. The hero swings into action, swiftly following protocol to save lives and restore as much normalcy as possible. It’s not Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, but it is a situation that could surprise any financial institution.

Are you ready to be the director in this scenario? Find out in this exclusive webinar hosted by Ncontracts featuring Michael Berman, Ncontracts founder and CEO. We’ll take you beyond phone trees to find out what it really takes to save the day and clearly communicate business continuity plans in times of disaster when lives are in danger and business interruptions loom. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for business continuity communication in different scenarios
  • Strategies for leveraging current communication technology
  • Ways to utilize automated tools to keep details organized
  • How to align expectations and operational priorities with RTOs/MAD

Whether you’re a seasoned business continuity planning expert or a neophyte, this webinar will help you set the stage for communicating the essentials and effectively addressing the complete lifecycle of business continuity planning.

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